Creative Commons - Credits

Radio RRS971 is a non-commercial radio broadcaster with cultural purposes.

Also from the musical point of view, Radio RRS971 intends to enhance artists with particularly significant productions or to propose productions that have made the history of music.

For these reasons, Radio RRS971 has chosen to broadcast only the best international music released under the Creative Commons license.

We hope that our musical selections meet your satisfaction and we invite you to deepen your knowledge of these extraordinary artists.

You can find detailed information on their productions and, in accordance with the rules provided, on the terms of their respective Creative Commons licenses by visiting our Creative Commons Credits page.

We take the utmost care to promote and give due recognition to the artists who make our days better, however we apologize in advance in case of any inaccuracies or errors. To allow us to make the necessary corrections, we kindly invite you to notify us by e-mail using the contact form at the bottom of the Home Page

Have a good listening!